The Hive Minuet is about the stings of exclusion, the sweetness of inclusion, and how both belonging and not belonging can equally feel, and be, a threat.

The film shows a social dance, a place where individuals meet; where they want to participate, stand out and belong.

But in their fears of isolation and desires for acceptance – in their common anxieties – they are united.

Choreograpy: Adrian Del Arroyo
Original music by: Juan J Ochoa
Costumes By: Neobotanic Ltd
Videographer: Eke (instagram:@ekeye)
CA Contemporary Dance Company: Athena Reissis, Clémence Debaig, Daniel Rodriguez, Emilie Martin, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Jeremy Richards, Ana, Sancho, Marialivia Bernardi, Mathilde Pinlou, Pedro De Marchi, Theo Awda, Jessie Abramson , Panagiotis Pavlopoulos, Ankur Singh, Stephanie McMahon, Cordelia McMahon, Shahar Elisha.