Oscuro (in production) / 2020 / part four of DESEO - a piece for stage and screen

 By Adrian del Arroyo

Original score: Juan J. Ochoa
Photography: Stephanie McMahon 
Costumes: Stream Movement

Dancers: Jessie Abramson, Maxime Le Güzel, Daniel Rodriguez, Louis Dennington, Kristia Morabito, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Maria Livia Bernardi, Mathilde Pinlou, Pedro De Marchi, Theo Awda, Ankur Singh, Chloe Bellou, Clémence Debaig, Eleanor Loh, Konstantina Katsikari, Annabel Knightley, Iris Allain Puxan, Juan Menchaca Do Brito, Lisa Ronkowski, Kelly Harrison

Oscuro is the fourth and final chapter of DESEO, portraying the blind struggles - when we fear the light - in our search and desire for purpose. 

A piece for stage and screen, DESEO is a study of the human desires: Pura - Affection; Carne - Pleasures; Amar - Power; and Oscuro - Purpose.