AMAR (in production) / 2019-20 / part three of DESEO - a piece for stage and screen

By Adrian del Arroyo

Original score: Juan J. Ochoa
Photography: Stephanie McMahon 
Costumes: StreamMovement
Movement assistant: Theo Awda

Dancers: Mathilde Pinlou, Chloe Bellou, Jessie Abramson, Maxime Le Güzel, Daniel Rodriguez,  Louis Dennington, Kristia Morabito, Konstantinos Mouratidis, Maria Livia Bernardi, Pedro De Marchi, Ankur Singh, Clémence Debaig, Eleanor Loh, Konstantina Katsikari, Aleksandra Gorka, Annabel Knightley, Iris Allain Puxan, Lisa Ronkowski, Kelly Harrison

Amar: From Latin amāre. To love. 
In Sanskrit and Arabic: Alive, Immortal. In Hebrew: To speak, To answer. 
In reflection: A war. The opposite of love.

War is waged to protect what is loved. Country. Family. But defending love drives new desires to grow: desires for power and conquest. Until no love is left.

Set in the Spanish civil war of 1936-39, Amar is a portrait of the toxic desires, arrogance and cruelty that occur in conflicts - fought in the name of love.

An expression of the frustrations at the meaninglessness of war, and a depiction of its threat to the very nature of humanity.

Amar is the third instalment of DESEO, a piece for stage and screen, currently in production. DESEO is a study of the main human desires: Pura - Affection; Carne - Pleasures; Amar - Power; and Oscuro - Purpose.